“Fresh-oil, so who’s it for? ep1

Yr1 | Ep1


I have been around…

Living on Three Contents before I was 25.
Sailing The Atlantic Ocean and several Seas.
Often the first things I saw when coming to land were through a dockyard.
You have no idea what that is really about or like.
Unless, of course, you did too like me.
I have worked doing lots of different, engaging, enjoyable, hard and trying things.
You can CLICK HERE to get a broader picture of me and my bucket carrying ways.

I’ve seen things…

Things that aren’t seeable anymore, because they have gone out of the world.
Like climbing the mast at H.M.S. Ganges, without a safety harness, without a spotter, all on my own.
Check THIS LINK  out to get an idea of what I am talking about.
Or living in Tripoli, LIbya behind the winter palace and living on the beach after school.
Hanover Germany not too long after the war, visiting Belsen and more…
LIving in the sixties and seventies in England, Ireland, and Scotland and all that change.
Using a system of money that was unique in the world but ended in 1969

Living through a very uncivil war and seeing the depths of mans ways. Bloody Sunday, Bloody Friday.
Bloody days all the time, and amongst the most unusual tribe on earth: Ulstermen.

While living a life…

I got the stamp of education on my life to liven up the journey.
I was reading Huxley’s Doors of Perception, Orwells Animal Farm, The Road to Wigan Pier, How to Kill an Elephant, Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra, Augustines City of God, the philosopers, and just about anything I could get my hands upon that remotely interested me. Biographies of all types of human being were a staple in my jeans pocket. Soldiers, Poets, Mystics, Heroes, Inventors, adventurers and more. All before I sat down in a formal training environment.
I did not have a plan in educating myself, but that turned out just fine. I learned to press fresh-oil, for myself and others like me.
Along the way I got seperated from the main stream, this site will show and tell why.


This is my educational journey…

My education is outside the pail, and as everything about me would attest, keeps it that way.
I saw a pattern in my education, I’ve followed it and it has never let me down.
It has over time become very clear to me that there is a real need for what I do.
You will learn about it here at fresh-oil.
I will apply that education I received to the times we face and comment upon them, and the people we interview.


So three degrees later I have this…

B.Div studying the history of The Bible and the Churches it produced.
This was the most unusual education a man or woman could ever get, and it is all but gone.
I was educated in a small institute, that at its peak was a whirlwind of insights, scope and messmerizing knowledge.
It’s place in the world is gone now. But it helped shape me. Make me a thinker and a doer. A man.

Th.M studying the history of Politics an the Ideologies it produced.
While living in a war zone, and one that was anything but civil, in Belfast. I took on the challenge of understanding the origins and development of the Irish Problems in Northern Ireland.
The journey took me into the offices, churches and homes of some of the powerbrokers at the time. I learned what makes the actions of that Island so important in the world today.

Ph.D studying the history of Education and the philosophies it produced.
I teach, always have. The natural end for me was to understand the gaumet of educational ideas: sound and unsound and why they hold sway.
So I entered the fray again and got the last set of letters behind my name.
When I did, I began to present the truths that most will not face.
I paid the price for that and the path was set and it all tied together after this.


You’ll see…

My education placed me in a position to create content that reaches past the usual emotional charged dealings of men regarding religion, politics and education.
Because, I was told that I should have been aware that I was part of the educated tribe now.
So I should fit in, belong and go with the stream.
I didn’t.
You’ll learn why.


But all of that can be boiled down into this…
This single statement that has always helped me make sense and order of a world in turmoil.
It will drive the fresh-oil I press here on this site.

Religions, and the dominant religion of a nation, determines the shape of the humanity wihtin that nation.

Politics and the dominant ideologies becomes the self defense mechanism of that nation to keep the religion in tact.

Education and the nations dominant views that hold sway are employed to ensure that the religion and politics don’t change.


In learning I became…

An observer, a watcher and a seerer of things.
I see the invading mental accomodation the minds of men are prepared to make in order to make their way in this very world.
I didn’t play along.
I couldn’t.
I stood apart.
It was and still is part of the journey.


But this happened…

The education I recieved is something else.
I had no idea what I was really doing, but something definitive came out of it all.
I can see for miles and miles when it comes to our times, because I have the ultimate tool to do so.
Because I have learned to trust in this tool, this priceless thing, and in the using of it help you too.



Fresh-Oil With a twist…

I will be weighing everything by an Unknown Book that is available in a hotel room for free, but feared and ridiculed by many.
Here at fresh-oil I comment on Religion, Politics and Education: along with Culture, Commerce and the Humanities.
Because it holds answers that Science, Philospohy, Education, Culture and the Humanities cannot supply.
The Book holds the truth, what’s fresher than that in these times.
Every other week I will post and podcast about something that looks at the life story, current events, core beliefs and values of humanity.
I will be looking for, as a friend of mine says: “relevent, timely, interesting and engaging material.” 1. Business {Grow}
So that you and I can leverage the insights we find and employ our selves in going deeper…


I shall interview people of interest to me, and hopefully you too, that will go deeper…
We have questions to ask them.
Honest questions that go deeper into the person and who they are, what they do, and the reason behind it all for them.

We will examine the Thinking, the Working and the Soul of people who stand out for all the right reasons, regardless of success or popularity.


So that you can learn something more than how to follow the crowd, imitate the initiatives of short term shining moments of success, and meet
people, learn from them, and go do what you will with that.



Fresh-oil is that, fresh…
Fresh pressed living and commentary on what is right and beautiful among us and what the heck is going wrong with the world.
There is little to no political correctness. This is the antecedent to all that.
My take on these things will not be the same old same old, and will not be without some controversy.
If you need something more than what is offered today, when it comes to understanding the times we face.
Then the fresh-oil I press may be what you are looking for.

This is what fresh-oil is all about so let’s go deeper…

Billy Delaney.

Because… Love is faster than knowledge.