The Newsletter: fresh-oil

The Newsletter: fresh-oil

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Glad you clicked on the link and made it to this page.

This is where you can learn about the upcoming PRINT Newsletter.

What is this newsletter?

It is a monthly examination of a single topic of the Unknown Book.

This topic is examined in a specific way, a way that guarantees your learning the contents of the book
Each topic builds upon the next.

There is a principle inside the Unknown Book and it states that learning is like laying a principle, one at a time on top of each other.
So that the whole becomes a solid thing.

Here is where to find this statement.

The Old Testament
The Book of Isaiah
Chapter 28 verse 10

“For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little there a little:”

As you accumulate editions of fresh-oil The Newsletter you will be gathering the essence of the matters.
We will being with the broad precepts within this book and proceed to specific precepts.
Then on to the lines that support the precepts.
Finally coming to the here a littles there a littles that make up the whole.

Constant Referral

The simple thing is that you will have the monthly newsletter to refer to and when you do it will be topical.
You don’t have to worry about understanding notes from a classroom, or ciphering your last great study.
In fact each newsletter stands alone.


There is a key to this door of knowledge.
It is the included Booklet that is mailed with your first newsletter.

This booklet controls the material.

Well if you have any interest in the Word of God it doesn’t take long to see that people hold many strange, diverse and often weird beliefs about it
You would wonder at times what book they are actually reading from.

You see The Unknown Book is set up by the Author to ensure that you treat it properly.
If you don’t follow the simple guidelines that are set forth in its pages, well, you get the Heinz 57 varieties we see today.
So we treat The Book properly.

The Principles

This booklet will contain 25 or more simple rules, principles that you follow.
When you keep within these simple principles you are safe.
When you dont’, you tend to wander into the sandtraps and pits common to self interpreting.

The booklet isn’t that big about 100 pages.
But those pages are essential in learning the Unknown Book.
In fact without these principles you won’t learn the book but you will surely stray into error.

The difference between this newsletter, as i call it, and the school you are going to go to or went to is this.

At your School.

You had a curriculum.
You had years of diverse instruction and instructors.
You covered a wide range of subjects that the school required you to know.
You were tested on this instruction in order to pass a grade and graduate with an accumulated score.

In this newsletter.

You have one subject and topic.
You have a principle and subject at hand to discover for that month.
You are not tested, for there is no grade, only the knowledge.
It’s reverse order. I give the questions and the answers that matter.

So who is this for?

If you are a pastor or teacher and material for your students, congregation and people is hard to come by.
This might be something for you and them!
If you are a regular guy or gal and just want to know more about The Book this might be just the ticket.
If you are a worker in another country and time saving help is the need of the hour this is certainly that.
If you want to give yourself answers that matter when you live and work among people who test or question your belief then here is a great place for you.
If you have been hurt, wounded, taken down by life and are seeking answers to lifes questions there is no better place than this.

So what do you get?

In the first mailing, after you have signed up.
Hey you might read this after the newsletter has been going a while.
You will receive the Booklet and your current newsletter.
You will, if you choose to purchase the premium edition, also get access to the forum and membership online.

Each edition is supported in this membership, which I call The Press.
The Newsletter delivers and provides the precept, the membership delivers the line and the here a little there a litte.
You get to ask questions, meet other likeminded people and join in with a community of support.

How do you get this?

First you choose at this site which edition of the newsletter you want.
When I offer this newsletter there will be a choice of basic or premium.
It will be mailed to your home or place of residence by me at no extra cost to you.

The basic newsletter

Here you get the Booklet that shows you the principles of learning the Book.
The newsletter each month printed and mailed to your home mailbox.
Surprise content included from time to time.

The premium newsletter

Here you get the Booklet that shows you the principles of learning the Book.
The newsletter each month printed and mailed to your home mailbox.
Surprise content included from time to time.
The membership and access to further supporting materials.
And more.

What is the benefits to this?

No travel.
It comes to you, in your mailbox at your home, apartment or designated location.

No pressure or tests.
You want to learn the book, not prove your paying attention to some agenda or classroom requirement.
You get this at your pace, no one else’s.

No confusion.

With the precept upon precept method, and the principles of study to guide you.
You cannot go wrong unless you ignore the guides.
You don’t have many teachers, with different ideas, world views, training methods, particular beliefs all seeking to influence you.
And you have the support of the membership and forum if you choose that option.

Assurance that you will be learning The Unknown Book.

In the systematic process of time and your application to the principles I use.
You will learn more about the Unknown Book than most graduates period.


Assurance that you will have the best information presented.

After 38 years and counting I know what you need to learn.
I know who is for and who is against this book.
You will receive information that is often ignored, hidden, or rejected.
You will see the difference between courses about the book and content in the book.

References to all the historica figures and their works who love this book.

Look there are opposing factions in this world of ours.
Not all of them like the Unknown Book.
In fact many despise it but use it to make a living.

I know who they are, what they do, why and how they go about it.
In the forum and often in the newsletter I shall compare their speculations with the verse by verse method of the book.
It will be illuminating.

So there you have it.
If you want to be kept informed about this newsletter and your potential interest in buying it when it comes available please sign up for the eMail updates below.

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