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Leveraging life one month at a time.

This product will be for people who want to learn more about navigating the human condition and coming to term with the purpose of life through the Word of God.

What is that?

We are here. Alive. Living this life we have.
All of us, looking to navigate a world gone sideways.
And, we are trying to come to terms with the purpose of life.
People are unsure. Inward looking. Wanting help without appearing to be ignorant or worse lost in all this living we face.

Why is that?

I can provide a very clear path on how to navigate the human condition.
I profess to understand the purpose of life. How’s that for an evaluation of myself?
For, after all, I have been doing such a thing for sixty years.
What qualifies me to make a statement like that?
How do I know that I can do this helping? What if I am just as messed up as everyone else?

All good questions.

You will have to check back when I open the information page about this product.
I will be rolling out this information page about this Newsletter during November 2015.
There will be evidence of my ability, you then can decide if what I offer is for you or not!

Who would want this?

I want to find out the interest in this product first.
If you have read my bio page and what this site is about.
You will know something. I have the credentials for this task.
The Newsletter is a distilling of that ability into a fashion that will provide you with more information in a year. One year.
Yes, one year, than you would get in an educational institute in several.

Big claim.
I know it is.
Yet I have made it!

Are you looking for something like this?

I have much more to say about all of this, and I surely will be saying it.
Now I just want to find out something.
I know there is an audience and I know there is a need.
What I need to know is this: is there enough of an audience that want this product now.

How do you get this product?

The Newsletters will not be electronic.
It will be printed and mailed to you.
16 pages, packed pages of content, in a newsletter that will be well worth the investment of your money and valuable time.
I will be covering one thing each Newsletter, thoroughly.
I will support those who pay for this product through a membership they receive here on fresh-oil.

I will often, but not in every edition, provide supplimentary suprise material.
Often this information will be offered at a cost later on in the pages of this site.

The Price and The Cost of real help today.

I know the price of what I am offering.
I know more than most the cost that comes with the price.
Too many people spend way to much money for something that will not deliver on these two most important human needs.
How to navigate the human condition.
How to come to terms with the purpose of life.

Sign up for the daily eMail to keep up with what is happening with this product.
It won’t be too long before I am providing this service and product to you my audience, my friends.


Striving to live a: Simple, Likeable and Obvious Life

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