Billy Delaney

My Intentions are:

To let you, my dear reader, see who I really am.
So I will tell you about me.
I hope you find here my qualifications to bring you “Fresh Oil.”
My well is deep, and I have learned to carry the bucket.
My bucket, the result of many schools and their schooling of me.
I trust you can relate.

Here are the schools I’ve attended in bucket carrying.
Some voluntarily, others forced, none without change.

The Bucket School of principles.

I started out in life by joining the British Army. Or rather my Father did.
That meant I went where he went, as did Mother and the kids, my siblings.
We lived In: Libya. Germany. Ireland. England. Scotland and beyond.

Then it happened to me.
That one year: Living in the dying days of Empire.
At 15 years of age, freshly kicked out of ordinary school.
I joined The Royal British Navy. To keep travelling, and to keep away from Ireland.
I lived for one full and glorious year at a famous establishment called H.M.S. Ganges, and lived in the dying days of Empire. The British One.
What I learned here, made me into the thinking man who I later became.
It was the best single formative year of my life that I have ever known.

The Bucket School of a formal Education.

Getting an education is harder that it sounds.
But… I persevered and achieved my goals in this arena.
I eventually earned advanced degrees finishing up with a Ph.d. Education.
I learned a lot during this time.

The Old song ” There’s a hole in the bucket” comes to mind as I carried mine, sans the holes.
I had the fortune to learn, and study under some exception men.
The price was higher than the cost in many, many ways. But the education was worth it.


The Bucket School of professional adversity.

Christian practical life is tough. Ask a person who tries to live by the values of the Book.
I’ve been given the bucket to carry of being outside the normal expectations of my kind.
Too many want the result of being a Christian, without the work that goes into the journey.
Be that what it may the professional class, ie ministers and the like. Can be a tough crowd to be around.
And American is the worse for the problems and fighting that divide them all for one reason or another.
You pick the bucket that you can live with. You carry it, and hope the trips to the well are worth it.

The Bucket School of Hate

Ulster The Graveyard of The Protestants
I never knew I was born into a graveyard, but I was.
I found this out when I took my Bride home to meet the natives, and the relatives.

Home to me until…
They say you never really can go home again, and whoever they were, well they were right!
While living and working in a civil war I wrote a Master’s Degree Theses and called it: “Ulster The Graveyard of The Protestants.”
Because it was. The rest of world had died and buried what was left of their protesting.
All except for them here in The North.
I received at their hands a bucket that will never be forgotten.
It carries some of my greatest lesson, and you will hear about them here.

The Bucket School of Madness

I was trained in this school during a time when I was examining life.
I was living in a 28 ft airstream with a wife and a child, while working night shift at the State Mental Hospital.
I watched the broken, the unfixed, the lost within themselves and cried.
More than I want to admit over the conditions of their lives.
I laughed to.
My favorite memory was organizing a baseball game. The lights came on for a short while.
People laughed. Their echos still ring in my bucket.
Thanks kiddo’s.
You can’t graduate from a thing like that. But you might get your bucket.

The Bucket School of Uncertainty

Things have always been off kiltered with me. So…
I ended up with Three Passports.

One from Ireland: they want me back.
One from England: they want everyone back.
One from America: they just want me.

These passports opened the world for me. While you could still go and see things.

I am a divided soul.
I’d like to have an easy life, a monied life, but who am I kidding.
LIfe is to navigated and lived, not bought of with security from it.

Born divided  but you get what you pay for. This is what I’ve got.
I found and got happy. Scared happy, with dark parts I leave alone. Probably a lot just like you.
But I got pardoned a long time ago.
The Lord Jesus Christ pardoned me, and that is enough.
He is something else. He is my everlasting friend. My King.

You have to choose don’t you? If you don’t someone chooses for you. That I don’t recommend.
I choose The Book, The Saviour of The Book, and the in, discontented and discouraged who like the same things.

Against the tide
It has always been thus. I don’t know why. But I will take it.
The view is good, The people all going the other way are often odd to watch.
But I hope to influence you.
With the site, podcast and other items to spill from voice and pen as we go forth from here.

I’m not easy on things. I am not easy on myself. But I am a supportive soul for certain things.
Lost souls, hard times, broken heartedness, lonely living and such like.
There’s room here for you. If you like…

The Bucket School of Letting Go

Love is faster than knowledge that’s what he said and that’s what he meant.
Cowboy Jack Woods, a Texan, Mule trader, Preacher who I called a friend.
He taught me Love is faster than knowledge. I knew what he meant and I knew he was so right.
It is a saying that meets Heart and Mind when I think about it.

So letting go is key. You cannot keep what you do not own.
Love is faster than knowledge, and doesn’t know a text-book it can’t better.

So reader, as you see. I’ve been schooled. Even earing degrees a few times.
I earned them all, not one time did I find anything easy to find, never mind get and keep.
Enough leadership to sink my skin in the troubles of this life.
You look for leadership. It has gone out of the world of men. It is unknown in the world for what often passes itself as men.

Schooling for you

How long has this been going on
For Thirty Years and counting I have kept my balance in an age of unbalanced everything.
I am the better man for work. I am the better man for the simple things in this work.
So, here we are, and where are we?
This site. This little vessel. Is for you from me.
I need it too. Big time. It is going to be my voice. My words. My helpfulness.

Friends in troubled times
I’ve got friends. A handful of them.
They know who they are and I will leave them in the friends witness protection program.
Safe as houses they are. I hope you get them along life’s way too.

 I have been around.

I tell you all this to let you know that I will help, if you let me.
Please read on and around this site.
Listen to a few podcasts, read a few articles
It might be just be that Fresh Oil is what you are looking for.


Striving to live a: Simple, Likeable and Obvious life.

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