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Getting past the questions
Getting past the questions






Do You Have a Question for me?

If you have read, listened too or by looking come upon a question you want to ask me.
This may be the place to do that.

You can also ask questions in the Disqus commenting system after each podcast, post or article.

Questions about Articles, Podcasts or posts.

If it is a question about an article, podcast or post then please tell which article, podcast or post.
Ask me your question.
I will answer: by email.

Questions that you want to remain private.

State the question on your mind.
I will, in confidence reply by email and we can go from there.

Questions about Working with Me.


If it is about me coming to speak for you.
Please let me know if it is for a Church, Business, Social or other Professional setting.


If it is about Training.
Please let me know which type of training.
I offer training in navigating the human condition, and coming to terms with the purpose of life.
For more details we can set up a skype call to discuss your needs.


I provide booklets, Print Newsletters, Online courses as well as the speaking and training offered above.
You can review them under the products page tabe.
If you have any questions regarding any of the above.
Get with me via the contact form.
It’s the best and surest way to get me and get to front of que.

I will answer within a reasonable time.

And this too.

Here are some answers I have already given to enquiring minds.



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