Trying to package the human condition

Here is a little interrupt until I finish up the next virus email…

I don’t like the way…

People box other people into categories they define.
And if they can’t define you, into the odd bin you go!

Well odd is the best group to be categorized in by far.

Here is why.

Nobody gets to define you really, all they get to say is that your odd!

But what does that mean?

Is it that your uneven?
Is it that your not a match to make a pair?

You get the idea.

I’ve been odd, by that definition all my life.
I didn’t know that I was being odd, unmatched or not even.
But it has been my condition for so long now that to seek to become other won’t happen.

Here is a picture of that…

People crave success.
To be successful they pursue this grail with all out effort.
It is written about, taught, quoted and lauded as the pinnacle of life.

Be successful they all say, but at what?

You are found to be odd if you don’t aim for the winners spot.
Odd. But I am happy with life.
Often, way to often that winners post is found by the odd.
Then everyone else adopts the pattern of the oddly lived life in seeking to win too.

And now they become odd for it doesn’t work for them??

Oh! I have my ambition, but it isn’t the one fashioned by the conformity police.
And, until I succeed on my terms I will remain odd.
Then, when success tosses its gilded lily at me.
All can say what my unconventional ways meant.

Every odd duck, stopped following the rest of the ducks and went looking for the pond they wanted to swim in.
Often not by design, but by circumstances.
its how they go to where they were going.

Here is where to go to learn more…

An old Alabama Preacher named Bob Jones said this.

“The right road leads out at the right place.”

All that matters is this: are you on the right road?

If you are, being odd, uneven or mismatched doesn’t affect the outcome.
If your on the right road, stay the course.
When it comes out at the right place. All will laud you then, but not now.

So stay your course, I say, stay your course and live the life of odd.


Now in my life this is part of what has made me odd to many.
But it’s what makes me attractive to others too!
I hold this dearly to be true LINK


Navigating the human condition, while coming to terms with the
purpose of life.

The origins of the virus: sin as we know it

As my young blended family headed back to the week-a-day-world.  Me and the girlie danced just a little.
We danced on the rug, more like just hugged and shuffled. but we danced.

Then we sat down to watch a movie.
I then watched Benjamin Button on my own. It’s not her kinda flick.

While not reality there is so much of it in there.
When Benjamin is thrown a curve, boy what a curve, he becomes a watcher of life and death. And he sees a lot.

One thing he says, that I just have to focus on here is this.  “Nothing lasts!|

But it does…

Love lasts, as the movie clearly shows.
So many people in our lives pass through and on into the sleep.
But it is not the end.

Oh! it is not the end.
Life lasts, it is eternal. That Unknown Book is so clear on that. So. Very. Clear.

So what is today’s navigating tip or point?

The virus.

It began when two, the very first two, lovers did something wrong in order to get something good.
They died a little that day, and 900+ years later we are told that the man died. Don’t know when the woman died?  That is a message to some folks who love the book, a secret one at that .

The Maker, The Creator, God.
Has two very distinct attributes that were being shown the day He let them die before they died.

His Holiness, a lack of anything this is unholy and his Authority.
What the whole Unknown Book then reveals, if you really and `I mean really pay attention is this.

God in His Holiness can be merciful and forgive generations for many violations against this part of Himself.

But God is the Final Authority in everything.
To disobey, violate what He has said or change or correct what He has said has consequences that were shown in the first garden.

God can and does forgive us when we transgress, disobey and are disobedient, as is often recorded in the Unknown Book. But He does not forgive transgressions upon His Authority.

When the first two decided to listen to ‘the one’ , more on him later; all the problems in that action of not listening to the Creator and His Authority opened the doors to let ‘the one’ in and get physical control of the two.

God called this disobedience to his Authority SIN.
Every since men have chosen to disobey His words, and ignore them.
These words travel well and are with us still.
Many have tried, and they are sometimes revealed in the Unknown Book for disobeying and even changing those words to their own hurt.

To see how it is done read Genesis chapter three and pay close attention to what God said in Chapter 2 when ti comes to the woman repeating what she said The Creator Said.
The words are not the same: the woman got us into SIN long before her and the man ate anything.

More to come on this.

I am going to start out with the problem we all face in navigating this human condition. That problem is SIN. and what it really looks like. Not your usual froth and noise about a lack of a moral life, but the foundation of this virus that has delivered us into what we are.

Then the solution to the virus.
You think you know but do you know why you are wrong?


navigating the human condition, while coming to terms with the purpose of life.

All about the family, if you can get it!


As an immigrant to a country from a small, tightly packed, small Island. America was a large chunk of different.

I had a family through marriage. Glad to have them. They formed the anchor for the budding life I was growing and navigating with my friend and wife Sharon.

The years rolled along. Family died and I returned to the Island to bury them. Family moved to live in America. But too far away to see often.

So a one sided family developed. Friends filled out the social pie and I was fine with it all.


I knew something was missing, and when it arrived in a hurry.
I. Was. Aware. This. Is. What. I. Was. Missing.
A family of my own so to speak. And boy do I cherish it, every day.

My daughter and son-in-law getting together provided me with a blended growing family.
I have three grandkids. Three!!!
A whole new set of in-laws that I enjoy more than you should be allowed to in this life.

This is a new terrain for me and the girlie Sharon.
We love it.

The grandkids are the thingy. Giving them our love and receiving it in open return is humbling.
Who knew this was so good?

This immediate family as the house this weekend.
Playing, working, eating and enjoying themselves while I watch on, hover, and find my chest filled with this thing we call love.

I know some never get to know this experience. I know too many suffer at the hands of supposed family. Terrible hurts are perpetrated and foul deeds committed. I pray it ends, so I pray “Even so, Come Lord Jesus”

But for me, I savor this time.
It is more than I ever thought I would get to appreciate. I am a rich man.

The virus is still there, active, moving us all along the path to unwanted ends.

I promise I will name its orgins, stopping moments, cure and final end.
you might want to watch for that tomorrow.


All about that Virus

You hear, or rather you see me mention the virus in my emails to you. So what am I talking about?

Some of you know, no question of that, buy sometimes you forget the cause and live with the symptoms.

A long time ago. In a garden a young man named Adam and his young woman named Eve were ‘living the dream.’  Until it went into the nightmare we know today.

Hey! I don’t believe all that stuff!!
Let’s try it your way.
Billions of years ago, there was the soup of things out in the vast emptiness.
It got into an agitated stated, churned out a mega bang and that started the chain of things as we know it happening.

We went from primordial puddle to problematic paradise.

Hey! I don’t believe all that stuff!!
Lets try this another way.

Wow what a great. movie the matrix is. Nothing is really there, no is trying to control us, Machines are like eating us while we dream. And that is a reflection of our condition and state.

Hey! I don’t believe that stuff!!
Let’s try this another way!!

It is a little like this. Sorta a god created everything but he got busy or something and left. We are on our own. So, there is this whatever makes you feel good do it thingy. People shouldn’t judge you nor nothing like that.

Hey I don’t believe this stuff, any of it. Not one of the above what about me pal??

This is the conditions the virus shows us in our lives and the thinking that it produces amongst us. It is that common to hear these views that it isn’t worth the argument. NO one is home to prove anything,

UNLESS, they can produce evidence that can’t stand the test of things.

So, we have come to this in your journey, our journey together today so far.

More on this tomorrow.


The conflict dance, don’t you just want to get down?

There is a dance, that some people bring to us and we either get up with them and ‘go at it!’ or we sit it out and let them dance alone.

It is the conflict dance, and I am sure you know it well.
The tune doesn’t matter much, it’s that dance.

Yesterday I took a course in conflict management. NOT conflict control. Big difference.

When it comes to navigating this life we all will face the music and the conflict dance may well begin. It is up to us on how we respond.

Often I have led the dance, and failed; and often I have lead the dance and won, or so I thought. But it’s not that good is it?

We are instructed to ‘live  peacefully with all men, as much as is within us. Often the problem is without us.

Without the Unknown Book we would be just down to our experience. Without the change in condition and the control of the virus through the Creator we would be totally without help or hope.

The dance floor is always full. Nation against Nation, peoples against peoples and the band never gets to sit down and rest.

It is timely that a class was offered and attended by me covering this subject. Room for a cool change. Time for a redirect.

The newsletter is going to be ready by the end of the year/start of the next one: if we get there as we are! I shall be sending out a sample to all of you who get this eMail.

I would love to have your comments and suggestions, please.
So I will put up a link to do so if you choose to do so.

More soon.

Life is a numbers game, wonder when your’s is up?

I like the way…

People are all into numbers.
They have favorites that they like to be around. Feng Shui is so powerful in the Chinese culture that people won’t move an inch without consulting their guy/gal.

Want to win the lottery? Pick some numbers.
Got a social security number? of course you do.
Got a birth day, month and year: all numbers, of course you do too.

Live at an address, bet its got a number.
Credit card? ID card. VIN number on your car? of course again.

Here is a picture of that…

Inside the Unknown Book it is swimming in numbers. The author knew that they matter. So He made them matter all the more to us in His book.

To find your way around the book you need to use a numbering system. Nothing like it in any other book in the world. Nothing.

Want to understand some very fundamental truths?
I will give you one, oops used a number.

Three (3) it is a vital number.

According to the Unknown Book God represents Himself in the book in three ways: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

You show up in the same mould: body, soul and a spirit.

Three comes into play:
Past, Present and Future.
Beginning, Middle and End.
Left, Right and Center.
Man, Woman and Child.
Sun, Moon and Stars.
Nothing, Something and Everything.
Top, Middle and Bottom.
Water, Steam and Ice.

You get the idea.
When you read the Unknown Book this becomes part of the journey. Seeing the things that are there but no-one is looking at.

Nothing can change this system and everything in run on this system. You may say chance. I may reply REALLY?

The numbering system goes much deeper and further than this of course, so much so that mathematicians understand the universe according to it. Seldom wavering in their views.

But we play with you just a little. You have a name right. Made up of letters, assigned a number in an Alphabet of 26 letters. In Latin each letter has a number assigned to it, and we still use it.

So back to you, your name and your number.
mine is a day in the eleventh month on a year made up of numbers. So are you.

Talk about ID tagging your things?
We are known by more than a name. And in the future there is a number, and if you are around to choose to take it or no. It is well into the end of things by then.

Here is where to go to learn more…

Inside the Unknown Book just look at the chapter 3’s and read some of the chapters. After a while this gets startling. Make no mistake the Author of this book is beyond our thinking.

What does it mean for you?
When I produce the newsletter, a generic name for it for now. I shall be going into these matters to show you how this book is put together. Where the numbers make distinctions and a difference. People who don’t pay attention to the numbers get themselves into a soup of errors.

So more on the newsletter soon, Looking for a printer and the set up work that needs to be done.


Interviews and commentary on living today about
Navigating the human condition while coming to terms with the purpose of life.

Looking out for the red engine lights of the soul

Looking out for the red lights of the soul

We all get tired, run down and burnt out to some degree or another in the journey of our life.

But, too often these days, it has gone way past that and into the red light area of our lives.

You are a machine, a biomechanics marvel, a wonder if you ever really consider it.

So, what happens when the red light comes on in your soul?

You might be an invisible care giver. I say this because the attention is on the person needing that care. Yet, the care giver is often and usually doing things that are outside the comfort or skill area they normally work in.

You never see it coming. Or, if you do you often ignore it. You don’t want to be seen as ‘begging for love.’ But when the red light comes on, what do you do.

Here are some of the red light warning signs that try to get our attention.

Stress -Indeed, stress symptoms can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior. Being able to recognize common stress symptoms can give you a jump on managing them. Stress that’s left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Anxiety -Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness and worry, usually generalized and unfocused as an overreaction to a situation that is only subjectively seen as menacing.[4] It is often accompanied by muscular tension,[3] restlessness, fatigue and problems in concentration. Anxiety can be appropriate, but when experienced regularly the individual may suffer from an anxiety disorder.[3]

These two engine red lights are so very common in this world today. Navigating them is nothing short of a major task all the long day.

So here come the quick fixes, that mask our red lights but not the coming engine failure.

Organic or other doses of medication to shut off the red light, but not the underlying red light issues we face.

Substances and abuse of them to blot out the red lights. Name any you can think of, they all work for a while. Then comes the internal cascading crash of the soul, and spirit within us.

Well, I write were I have been, and I can say that you need the soul of another who has been there and back again to help you.
When a navigator, who is skilled in this help, takes you under their care, you are blessed.

I was recently at the company dinner/awards night. I saw red lights on all around me. It was startling to observe, but now I know and can act accordingly.

We try to put out our own red lights with little idea of the looming disasters in the lives of others. Until the red light goes OUT! and that soul grinds so very quickly to tumultuous stop.

Christmas time is here, spending, partying, holidaying, clothes, gifts and the whole dance of loving and longing take hold. Be of a care and see if you can see a way to put some oil in the soul of an other.

The Unknown Book declares this”
The entrance of thy word giveth light… light is a lifter of the darkness, functionally to see your way, spiritually to still the soul and many other remedial things that time won’t allow today.

More tomorrow