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Those left of my Mom and Dad’s generation.

I know you face discouraging times when you look at what you fought for, disappear before your very eyes. After a war that engulfed the world. You thought it would never be like this again. But you were wrong. I’d like to talk about that.

My generation, the babyboomers.

BabyBoomers. Indulged, satiated with it all, moving into the end of the party. Did things ever get screwed up or what? The future came with all the promise of things we imagined, but people did not. There is just so much we need to take care of.

21st Century kids.

A title and description I took from a young musician called Jamie Cullen. He sings about the generation that is now disenfranchised, alone, dejected and miserable.What do you get?
The Indiviuals among these groups. Soul-diers, who fought and still fight the battles they were never allowed to win.

It is commentary on life.

Several things by design, One thing in particular. Fresh Oil.
Fresh Oil is a term I use. It lets you know that something isn’t rehashed, repackaged, regurgitated. Fresh Oil is balm to the soul. Fresh Oil tells you that you were right all along. Fresh Oil is a salve for the rest of us who are misfits and malcontents in the digital age.

Life is messy, always. Even when it is going well.
Some of the banality today is just too much. Here you will get Inights for living. Leverage that will give you a life start.
It’s the Obvious without the crowing of I told you so!
Nothing is more obvious than the reality that so little is obvious today.
Articles and pdf’s will be available to read, consider and ponder.
No fluff. Nothing is off limits. If it needs be considered it will.

What advantage is there?

This site is not chained to anything or anyone but One Book.
There will be no filtering through a Denominational Bias. Political affiliation. Philosophical sieve or Educational Snobbery.
Leaves some room to manuever, right!
Things presented will be Fresh Pressed, not repressed, used or repackaged same old same old.

All of this work, all of it. Comes from The Head-Hands-and Heart of me and others like me.
We know and understand the times.
So therefore you get undiluted portion of this Fresh Oil available.

Who should use it?

Those who are Indebted, discouraged and discontented.
Indebtedness goes beyond the burdon of bills and notes to Bankers and Brokers who deal in the flesh.
It goes to the heart of servitude and how to get out from under it.
Discouraged goes deep into the purpose of lives torn by circumstances and trends.
Discontented gets to the realization that there is better and better ways. We want them.

The Value of it?

This kind of commentary is going out of the world, or has already departed.
The value of it is that we will aim for Insights for living. I can do that. I have lived. Seen things that have cheered me, curdled my blood, made me cry, laugh and want to live more…
The Great Grey Mush of Political Correctness makes no meal for the needy here, but we will deliver:

Insights for living, that is what we crave.
Leverage when facing the troubles of life that others already know and will share with us.
Answer the madness with some truth for the day

It will not be without emotion. It can’t be.
While this site will comment upon, discuss and interview people that are standing at the corner of social and commerce. It will also apply how to live and the requirements of living.

It’s what I know how to do. Billy

Striving to live a Simple, Likeable and Obvious life.

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Covering life, leadership and living today.
Billy Delaney

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